Day 7 

An exciting day ahead with open classes for the grades and performances on stage for Intermediate and Intermediate foundation,  

With all the bags all packed and left at the hotel ready for the pick up later we first watched a small part of the class taken by Gerald Charles the Artistic Director of the RAD full of energy and as usual during the whole summer school accompanied by one of the talented group of pianists. You can never take for granted live piano music for class.

I watched the grade 2 presentation which was wonderfully taught by Blanca Cortes a younger teacher form Spain who definitely had her work cut out for her teaching a short choreography to the class it was always the last class of the afternoon for them so a couple of drooping eyelids and yawning went on during the week, but they came through in front of the parents and teachers watching to really shine. 

Erica watched grade 4 of which I will put a clip in here of both their performances. Then it was everybody converging once more to Pala Congressi for The vocational groups. It was moving and inspirational to see a blind girl in one of the dances she has also completed her intermediate ?? I think exam. You would not think that these students have only been learning the dances for a week   Clarissa and Beatrice performed as well cheered on by our younger students in the audience. 

At the end was the presentation of the scholarships given by the faculty to reward the most promising or most improved students during the week. Unfortunately we did not receive any but we go away having spent a valuable week surrounded by great teachers and students from all over Italy.  And ………on a lighter note  Estelle’s wonderful English , Edoardo’s masterful card skills , Beatrice finally admitting her hair looks better behind her ears, Clarissa’s excellent job of meal planning , Erica’s hairdressing expertise, Francesca’s sleeping ability in the middle of two beds , Camilla gets a special mention for leaping, pirouetting and waltzing into a relatively new world for her having only started dancing recently 🥇.

And our 3 Grade 2’s for their first time experience at a Summer School hopefully with many more to come.

We left for our long trip home on the bus a bit of traffic but the snacks and card games kept us going. 

Until next year Andalo 

Che le chiappe siano con voi