Day 3: 

Let me start by saying it was also my birthday on day 2 so I forget to mention the all important candle in the dessert and singalong at the end of dinner and thank you for my wonderful presents, necklace and my favourite pink fluffy ballerina pen which I loved using to take notes observing classes during the week. 

In the classes today the students were slightly more awake hopefully taking it all in from the first pile to last grand allegro, a big shout out today to our advanced foundation student Edoardo Benvenuto who had a double objective, to get through the 4 classes and take his Advanced Foundation exam he actually had to only get through the 3 as they brought forward the time of exam to 6pm he took it in his usual serious, conscientious and positive manner

He had Elaine holland as the examiner who is also teaching at the summer school and I must say one of my favourite to watch.  

Edoardo was happy but the (you can tell he is dancer ) came out in him saying afterwards it could have gone better especially the second half. 

Earlier the day I did watch the grade 2 ballet class and took a few notes on The best Christina Zatti sayings or phrases. 

  • The foot from 3rd coming off the floor: imagine like its a big tongue licking the floor or even like taking a big lick of ice cream then of course the “what is your favourite flavour of ice cream” ?? Which just made my mouth water, but did wake me up from the afternoon post lunch eyelid sag. 
  • “Tira la super punta” ….. stretch that super point must be her favourite which even made me want to suddenly extend and stretch my legs out in front of me while sitting on my chair. 
  • Working in couples, also very good for the younger students to observe and learn at the same time  eg clapping when your partner lowers their arm in second.

Dinner was quiz time with the game of naming things beginning with a pre determined letter became ballet themed 

“Name a famous ballerina starting with letter M. Or name an allegro step starting with letter J “ 

Have I got you thinking ??? 

Andalo lake almost no water but is seasonal

Day 4:

started with a wonderful trip to Lake Molveno only a 10 minute bus trip away and absolutely free transport for people staying in the hotels. 

We did not have much time to go on the electric boats pedal boats or walk around the lake – (11 km taking about 3 hours ) Instead with a wonderful grass area to practice the dance learnt the day before a paddle in the lake and a ball game here called “Schiaccia Sette” the morning passed by very quickly. 

Back to the hotel for Spaghetti Carbonara.   La vita è Bella ” life is truly beautiful.” 

My Afternoon was partly spent watching a repertorio class taught by Elaine Holland 

And she was teaching an extract from The Dream by Frederick Ashton in preparation for the performance on Saturday 

I love the music by Mendelssohn  and it is based on Shakespeares Midsummer nights dream, a story all about fairies and sprites who manipulate the humans.  You never know what will jump out at you in the Italian alps !!! 

The curse of the 4th day did set in if only briefly for a couple of students with muscle contractions and ankle pain luckily Erica with her much needed arnica cream came to the rescue. 

Elaine Holland phrases:

“Pizza….for you “  Arms in first (pizza) then extending into 1st arabesque (for you) 

Not forgetting to keep the elbows up for the Italian pizza! And  not like the English pizza with the elbows dropping !!! 

The second consecutive Storm arrived that night the rain came down as they say in England raining cats and dogs ??? 

I Convinced the students to play some card games etc the last two evenings we even ended up playing charades albeit the movies being mostly Disney one.