For Dance Institute is putting on a show !!!

It has been a little while since the last show that we put on, it was the wonderful show about dreams in 2019 called “Dream on” at the Giacosa theatre in Aosta. This year we back at the Palais in Saint-Vincent with a big stage to fill and we cannot wait to perform again in 2023.

25th of March is the date and with only a month to go I really want to write down some things that go on with all the preparation, rehearsals, costumes and organisation.

Where to start ?? with an idea and this year we have decided to take on the theme of Artificial Intelligence A.I and asked the questions.

  • Is it taking over ?
  • Is it everywhere ?
  • Are we controlled by robots ?
  • Do we need robots ?
  • Can A.I have emotions ?
  • Can we still keep our identity ?

It was not an easy theme but one that must be addressed for every decision that we make in the future and what better way to make people think and be aware of change than through dance.

the ideas soon arrived and the choreography process was underway, just a little preview of the music…. we are using both classic and modern , for ex. Kraftwerk , Depeche Mode and Supertramp.

We are also doing some pieces from the classic Giselle, next up a small video clip of the first rehearsal together still a long way to go but so exciting when the smaller students get to watch the older advanced students perform. also the professional trailer.