Direttrice/Docente, Rad Supervisor CBTS e Ambassador CPD Italy

Yvonne Jane Henshaw Rad Rts BA (Hons) Dance Education

Foto presso University of Surrey (GB) Ceremonia Laurea 2011  



Docente Leigh Melanie Metcalfe Rad Rts ARad

Associazione no profit per l'insegnamento e la divulgazione della danza e delle scienze ad essa associate 



- To educate and train all pupils physically and mentally

-To provide a progressive route towards examination achievements 

-To deliver the joy and benefits of dance

-To provide important life skills



Our Shows 

2001 Les Enfants 

2002 A Wonderful World

2003 The Animals Show

2004 4 Years of Dance 

2005 Controtempo

2006 Real Me

2007 Annie

2008 Talking Shoes

2010 Smoke on the Water

2011 London Calling Christmas Re-loaded

2014 Extra-Ordinary Love 

2015 Quindici 

2016 Breathe

2017 Rehearsal 

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